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For more than 25 years UNIVEC has invented and pioneered the breakthrough technology powering the global digital economy

UNIVEC platforms give billions of peope around the world open access to the digital economy

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Universal E-Commerce

Supporting communities and business

UNIVEC is a trusted business and technology advisor to Government agencies and communication firms for more than two decades. UNIVEC specializes in consulting, systems integration and software development in the critical areas of customer interaction, customer operations, E-Business and E-Commerce.

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UNIVEC invented digital commerce as we know it.
UNIVEC specializes in fundamental concepts and large scale applications.


Billion People

Trillion $

The future of everything digital


Billions getting online

Over 5 billion people are already online, growing to 7 billion with more than 250 million new digital citizens per year


Automation killing jobs

Autotmation is replacing all jobs from manual labor to white collar and mid level management, from CEO's to truck drivers


Creative Content Economy

The new freelance economy is based on creative content, from technology to art to short videos, new economy is emerging