The Principles that Guide UNIVEC in Our Partnerships and Alliances

Ethics & Compliance

Each UNIVEC employee must:

How we achieve our goals

UNIVEC has always been a proponent of a decentralized business model.
Mobility is one of the most important trends that helps us to stay close to our customers. We seldom compete with others due to the fact that our concepts are years ahead of the curve. Deadlines are irrelevant and and are moved by the teams in accordance with project requirements.
Our goal is to work only with the best at what we do regardless of their location and language.
We usually prefer to select future applicants ourselves. This helps us to engage the best and the brightest from around the world.

Customers Speak - UNIVEC listens

UNIVEC successfully delivers. That's why each year, a large percent of UNIVEC's business comes from customers we've served previously. We are proud of this testament to the satisfaction and the goodwill of our customer base, and we continue to raise the bar higher — we are committed to raising satisfaction as high as it will go.

UNIVEC's Putting Customers First (PCF) program demonstrates our commitment to becoming the supplier of choice in our target markets. We are taking steps toward achieving this vision through several customer retention initiatives aimed at incorporating our customers' voice into everything we do: regular customer surveys, an executive relationship program, customer councils, etc.

The goals of the PCF program are to: