Our Headspace

We tirelessly endeavor to serve our customers at the highest possible levels. We pride ourselves in finding and hiring people with the highest intellectual capital available, providing them with challenging opportunities and encouraging their innovation and initiative.

We strive to always be top notch, offering quality in everything we do and providing the best value for our clients. This way we can fully meet our commitment to the nation and to our customers.

Everyday we attempt to sustain a corporate culture based on integrity; one that's focused on treating customers ethically and making their priorities our priorities. The quality of our people, the skills and dedication they bring to their work, defines our commitment to our customers.

Our success is only defined by customer success, which we measure through customer satisfaction.

Innovation & Growth

Over the years, UNICVEC has developed deep expertise in select vertical markets. Currently, these markets are: new media and communications, finance, insurance, energy, state and local government, and the federal government market, including defense, and civilian agencies.

Within these markets, UNIVEC focuses on major sectors that offer significant growth potential and that stand to benefit from strategic applications of information technology. This way, we are able to understand our clients' business environments, and to develop reusable tools and methodologies that support identified needs within these industries and speed the development of future solutions.

International growth continues to be an important contributor to overall company growth. Our strategy is to expand and to develop new opportunities in developing regions.

UNIVEC is devoted to helping our clients more quickly realize the full business potential of emerging technologies in areas such as Information Security, Mobile Technologies and more.

Business Approach

UNIVEC has always been a proponent of a decentralized business model.

Mobility is one of the most important trends that helps us to stay close to our customers. We seldom compete with others due to the fact that our concepts are years ahead of the curve. Deadlines are irrelevant and and are moved by the teams in accordance with project requirements.

Our goal is to work only with the best at what we do regardless of their location and language.

We usually prefer to select future applicants ourselves. This helps us to engage the best and the brightest from around the world.


UNIVEC's mission is to provide enterprise-wide business and technology solutions that dramatically improve business performance and create value for our clients.